"He has great experience and a tremendous range of skills, which he draws together extremely well. One of his greatest strengths is in working with colleagues who were experiencing difficulties and stress." 

"I believe that he had a perfect balance between challenge and support and, despite the number of occasions when these terms are used together, that is rare." 

“Bob is a highly skilled coach that is very professional in his approach and demonstrates a high degree of knowledge on both business and coaching. Bob is a very skilled communicator both verbally and written. Bob is highly organised and prepared for the work he does and this is reflected in his knowledge of both the organisation and the people involved. The approach of Bob is very personable and relaxed and he utilizes his skills expertly to maximize his impact with individuals and the group whilst always relating to the overall aims.” 

"He was able to get me over a couple of hurdles relating to work and look ahead more positively.
It has made me think about myself and my practice in a reflective way. Encouraged enough to discover a 'plan B', that I couldn't pin down before". 

"The process has been immensely beneficial. As a new head coach it has allowed me to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience and also broadened my thinking. I have been challenged to look at both operational and strategic coaching views and felt comfortable discussing issues that I may otherwise have not had someone to reflect on with. " 

"I can't recommend Bob highly enough. He is not only an excellent mentor but he is an excellent communicator and to me is now a friend. If you want to progress in an educational or coaching setting use Bob McGowan."